Scubaphone: Symptoms

Here’s my band, Scubaphone, performing our original song “Symptoms“. We entered our video into NPR’s Tiny Desk competition last month and WON! …JK, gotcha ;) This really excellent gentleman won; The Fantastic Negrito.


Scubaphone Colorfools

Scubaphone Colorfools


But not all was lost! We grew so tremendously as an ensemble during the process!Among other life lessons, we learned:

How to have a reasonably-non-nauseating recording experience (Thanks to Nick Joliat {also on keyboards}).

That we really do prefer videos as a recording medium (Thanks Paula Te!).

How to make Estonian chestnut creatures under the tutelage of our drummer, KEK.

That Ale has a very stylish house.


Perhaps we learned some other things as well along the way…but we’re going to save those for our next show.  See you then!


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