Sweeney Todd with TMT

I had a wonderful time on Sweeney Todd with Triboro Musical Theater this past January! Vivian Humphrey, David Renoni, and Laura Norton really know how to pull a show together in a month flat, very impressive.  Only minor injuries sustained; one of my nails is still growing back after getting slammed in the trap-door-of-death, but it certainly gives me a story to tell!  It was just such an awful coincidence that when I scream bloody murder it sounds so like the factory whistle sound-effect…

Certainly an important item on my bucket list; I got to play the Beggar Woman and had such a great time pulling out the crazy!  Thanks to Ben Bagley (Anthony) for giving me free reign to solicit him in as disturbing a fashion as possible!  Devin Romanul (Sweeney) and Sarah Mielbye (Mrs. Lovett) were both quite fabulous as the leads and really fun to work with.  I never thought I would get a chance to work with so many people who really understand this story so thoroughly.  Sure, I wrote a big paper about the history of the Sweeney Todd legend during grad school, but I didn’t think other people really DID that.  It turns out Vivian wrote her thesis on it, and the other leads were just as obsessed as I was!  Besides getting to know some very talented folks and gaining a new appreciation for the intricacies of Sondheim’s score, I also learned how to use a circular saw, woohoo!

We received nothing but positive reviews.  Tony Annicone writes “This tale of murder and vengeance is given a topnotch presentation by a talented cast with marvelous voices in a score of over 300 pages.” “The mysterious Beggar Woman is wonderfully played by Nora Maynard. She displays her comic timing as this insane creature when she tries to steal pies from Mrs. Lovett. Nora also displays her strong singing voice in”Alms” and “City on Fire”.”

I will be sure to post excerpts from the DVD once it comes out.  Thanks to all my friends who came out to enjoy the show, especially my parents and boyfriend who travelled over 1,000 miles to be there for my post-graduate debut!  I feel very loved and supported, thanks so much for being there.

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